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How does The Drawing Room use Shopify?

We are leading, recognised Shopify experts and a registered Shopify partner. We build global as well as territory specific Shopify ecommerce solutions. Our stores contain all the essential functionality and apps to help create future facing ecommerce businesses from startup to enterprise. We specialise in creating engaging, interactive, and exciting stores, and have prebuilt Shopify and Shopify Plus stores ready to go.

Core features of Shopify

  • Trusted technology and infrastructure
  • Operational support at all levels
  • Curated integral apps to optimise performance, site speed, customer experience & support options, and internal logistics
  • Built in marketing and merchandising with a range of offers and discounts
  • Simple drag-and-drop CMS with a library of content options to help you build and manage your pages the way you want them
  • Shopify Payments integrated for the range of payment methods
  • Easily scalable as your business grows
  • Sell in over 175 countries
  • Global fulfilment and distribution centre management integration
  • Fully responsive
  • A real-time data and reporting suite

We have perfected our very own, pre-built Shopify stores allowing you to showcase your brand and your products. Our design team will tailor the content structure to reflect your brand and messaging, with our developers responsible for bringing it to life. With our end-to-end service, we're here to help you transform your digital presence with our fully optimised Shopify platforms.

Project Timeline

  • 01


    We collaboratively work with you to understand the full brief and requirements for your store, including any third parties you are working with.

  • 02


    Our team will work to the final creative brief to produce stylesetter and final, full sitemap designs that truly captures your brand.

  • 03


    The designs are brought to life by our team of developers, before conducting a rigorous testing process with you to ensure your store is ready to sell your products / services. Our ready made stores also come with a reduced development timeline!

  • 04


    With a full sign-off on the testing process, your new store is ready to go.

  • 05


    We offer a range of tiered aftercare services to help you manage your store and any future plans you may have.

Let's have a chat

We are more than happy to have a no obligation initial conversation to help you scope and define your project.

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