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How does The Drawing Room use WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is core feature of our ecommerce WordPress builds. We fully customise WooCommerce to the specifications of your brief, implementing any extensions the platform offers for further functionality, or helping to configure the core features such as the checkout payment options. WooCommerce sits neatly in the WordPress CMS, making it highly accessible to maintain and manage.

Core features of WooCommerce

  • Official WordPress recommended ecommerce provider
  • Trusted technology and infrastructure
  • Globally supported and updated regularly
  • Full set of available extensions for third party services such as Stripe, Paypal, and email marketing services like Mailchimp
  • Mobile app for on the go store management
  • 140 region specific payment gateways available for international sales
  • Core ecommerce sales features available instantly, such as discount coupon functionality

WooCommerce's variety of extensions and supported services allows you to control every aspect of your ecommerce site to give you the best platform to sell your products and services. Extensions are implemented against the needs of your business, whether it's an existing email marketing client needed to be integrated with your marketing opt-in features at the checkout, a follow-up email service to promote reviews being left for your purchased products, or even just an advanced shipping feature. We support in advising on and subsequently implementing all of these extensions, so your e-commerce site is optimised at all times.


Once WooCommerce is agreed to be implemented, as part of the development process and against the designs, the WooCommerce plugin will be installed into the WordPress platform and configured to meet the briefed requirements and signed off designs.

Installation and initial configuration of the plugin can be completed in a matter of hours!

WooCommerce, like WordPress, has a very intuitive user interface for managing your e-commerce site, from products to payment options. Any further extensions may require a developer to install, but once configured, you will be able to manage these extensions for your own store.

Yes, WooCommerce offers 140 region specific payment gateways.

Key extensions

  • 01

    Google Analytics

    The world’s leading analytics tool can be hooked right into your WooCommerce system to help you manage your ecommerce reporting data to achieve insightful and meaningful analytics.

  • 02


    A free to use extension that grants you access to discounted shipping rates and use of WooCommerce international courier partners such as UPS and DHL

  • 03


    Whether its WooCommerce's own gateway extension or through globally recognised gateway services such as Stripe, PayPal, or Klarna, you can open your checkout process to a variety of payment providers for your store.

  • 04

    Support & marketing

    Maintain a strong relationship with your customers before, during, and after checkout with a variety of extensions, such as email marketing service Klaviyo or utilising the live chat functionalities of Zendesk.

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