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Why The Drawing Room creates headless websites

Headless websites are designed to optimise SEO, maximise site speed, and provide total creative control over the content and brand environment. We are at the forefront of creating premium headless websites that give brands the performance and full creative control that they need, through their headless content management system (CMS). Headless websites allow you to work with third party partners and extensions as required in order to ensure all business critical functionality is built into the headless framework to achieve ultimate performance for the platform.

Core features of headless

  • Create the ultimate brand environment
  • Flexibility to build the best tech stack for your business
  • Enhanced site speed & load times for improving user experience
  • Strong SEO foundations
  • Compatible with leading platforms such as WordPress and Shopify
  • Total control on frontend design using flexible codebase frameworks
  • Separate your frontend, customer facing website from your backend management systems

Our process involves integrating the agreed headless CMS, such as Sanity, Contentful or Polaris, with the required management systems and codebase to deliver the best headless solution for your business.

The headless solutions we offer cover both ecommerce and non-ecommerce websites, and we also have flexibility in the codebase that we use for this, such as React or Laravel.


Our headless projects all follow the same considered process as our website & platform projects, where we follow a tried and tested four stage process of Define, Design, Develop, and Deliver. An extensive scoping period leads to the inclusive design process, before we build, test, and finally deploy your brand new headless website.

Yes, we build all our websites to be as user friendly and manageable as possible for our clients so you can feel comfortable in updating your own site's content using the headless CMS. TDR also offers a variety of support and maintenance options to help you maintain and manage any new core design & development required.

We have developed our own headless ecommerce store, using a React front-end that is integrated with a Shopify back-end, that we can control and update to suit your brand & products.

Yes, TDR's headless sites are scalable for international site rollout and development. We offer language and currency services as part of our delivery.

Key integration services

  • 01


    We ensure your sites customer and user relationships are serviced with a third party customer service integration, whether its ecommerce live chat or a simple form

  • 02

    International trading

    We can take your headless store international with one of our third party trade partners such as Global-E or Samarkand, helping you to manage tax conversions and facilitate transactions on a global basis.

  • 03


    Brand trust is crucial, and so with a third party integration to a reviews service such as Trustpilot or Yotpo, you can add testimonials to your website to solidify the authenticity of your brand.

  • 04


    Maintain a strong relationship with your customers before, during, and after checkout with a variety of extensions, such as email marketing service Klaviyo or utilising the live chat functionalities of Zendesk.

  • 05


    Fufilment is an integral part of any ecommerce solution. We can integrate with any chosen fufilment and ecommerce provider.

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