A trailblazing e-commerce project to deliver one of the first fully-functional Instagram shops

A Dr. Martens Instagram first

  • Bespoke Development

  • Brand & Social

  • Graphic & Motion Design

  • UI & UX Design

Dr. Martens is one of the most culturally relevant brands of the modern era. A brand with a glorious history of rebellious self-expression, where customers are better described as evangelists who wear these classic styles as a badge of attitude and empowerment.

Dr. Martens is all about individual style but a united spirit. A brand for characters who stand for something, who are different – and everything we do for them must always reflect this.

This brand’s customers are explorers and have their own distinct style. You don’t sell them a product… They are buying the brand and all it stands for.

We scoped, designed and developed an Instagram shop, monetising their biggest traffic channel and yet still retaining the Dr. Martens brand ethos and values, giving the user the opportunity to buy the look rather than the product.

This is a client who can be truly described as brave.


  • Strategy

  • Content Strategy

  • Prototyping

  • Technical Architecture

  • UX Strategy

  • Design

  • Art Direction

  • Creative Direction

  • UI / UX Design

  • Visual Design

  • Motion Design & Animation

  • Technology

  • Back-end Development

  • System Architecture

  • API Integration

  • Delivery

  • Analytics & Insight

  • Integration Support

  • Launch

  • Optimisation

  • Quality Assurance

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