A new cross-platform native App for a leading tax claim and advice specialist

Deeper customer connections for RIFT

  • App Development

  • Bespoke Development

  • UI & UX Design

RIFT pride themselves on being not only professional, but the most helpful, transparent and friendly service to help customers retrieve their tax returns. Building on this, they asked us to help create an App that would help them build stronger relationships by delivering more for their customers.

RIFT are a future-facing company that are always thinking long-term. Their digital transformation has allowed them to plan a future where they can provide many ways to improve the financial lives of their customers.

The immediate vision for the App was to delivery more help, communication and transparency surrounding their tax returns each year. However, the longer view was to further help and improve the financial future of their customers overall. And the steps of that journey are already well underway.

The App was built using React Native, which allows the App to be delivered easily across both iOS and Android devices. However, much of the App required various bespoke API integrations and architectural shifts that would allow the App to safely interface directly into the customer account back-office infrastructure that already delivers a great experience to the customer.


  • Contemporary native App delivered across both App Store and Play Store.
  • Enterprise-level API backend integrations with appropriate security provision.
  • CMS content capability and control for defined areas.


  • Strategy

  • Content Strategy

  • Prototyping

  • Research

  • Technical Architecture

  • UX Strategy

  • Design

  • Art Direction

  • Creative Direction

  • UI / UX Design

  • Visual Design

  • Technology

  • Back-end Development

  • React Native Development

  • System Architecture

  • Back-office API integrations

  • Connection loss exception handling

  • Delivery

  • Analytics & Insight

  • Integration Support

  • Launch

  • App Store and Play Store configurations

  • Quality Assurance

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