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A digital website infrastructure reimagined.

A cross-channel, centralised digital architecture for a retail e-commerce giant.

The Project

We were challenged with aligning and consolidating all of UK retailing giant AO's digital propositions, with updated branding on their websites and also a strategy for conveying and converting their recruitment strategy through these websites.

This needed to be scalable across the ever growing AO platforms, but also easy to manage for their internal digital teams when it came to handling user data & the recruitment process.

From their jobs sites to their recycling platform and even their drivers site, we found utilising the multisite functionality offered by WordPress provided the perfect framework for managing user control and access to the relevant sites content, but also a great platform for us to help deliver their brand and proposition on the sites' front-end. The ease of content management and also user job submission data made the scale of AO's recruitment operation manageable at all tiers of the business.

Another key factor in this was the method of interlinking the platform with Avature and a bespoke jobs portal, which allows AO to dynamically manage every stage of the recruitment process with ease, from job posting to conclusion. The integration was fully scoped with ours and AO's team to ensure all functionality was captured and delivered to our usual high standard, and against all of AO's requirements.

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The Outcome

The security, high level of control and ease of data management made the WordPress multisite project for AO jobs an incredibly fulfilling experience. The multisite continues to bear fruit for AO as we work with them to monitor and maintain the recruitment portal to ensure the service is optimised at all times. We are proud to call AO one of our long-term clients and are excited to continue embarking on future projects with them.

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