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San Carlo

A multi brand creation and digital consolidation project for the international Italian restaurant group


San Carlo has been a digital partner for The Drawing Room since the very early days of our agency, and it's safe to say we have both grown together. Over recent years, San Carlo’s main restaurant chain has branched out into different sub-brands, all capturing a different essence of Italian dining.

The Drawing Room has been at the heart of all of these new brands, from Fumo to Cicchetti, Alto to San Carlo’s most recent restaurant Isola. Our creative team works closely with San Carlo in order to capture the essence of the new brand and their vision for the restaurant, and finally create the brand identity that will carry through the website and restaurant alike.

We developed a multisite platform to manage all of San Carlo’s digital presence in one, controllable WordPress environment. Every restaurant group has a dedicated brand website, detailing the relevant location of the restaurants, menu options, and also allowing you to use the San Carlo booking interface to book directly through these group sites.

The booking system itself works with a third party provider to map the data from our bespoke booking interface, making getting a table at your favourite San Carlo restaurant easier than ever before.

San Carlo Drinks

“We developed a multisite platform to manage all of San Carlo's digital presence in one, controllable WordPress environment.”

The outcome

Brand development is just one of the many services we offer to the San Carlo group as part of our long term client partnership, including multi site management and support, but it is certainly one we relish every opportunity to work on. We relish the opportunity to work with San Carlo, and look forward to doing so for many years to come!

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