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Now You're Talking

We have scoped, created, designed and developed a first of its kind engagement, resource and booking website for Now You’re Talking, a profit-for-purpose organisation who provide counselling and therapy services that offer clients choice, flexibility, and assurance.

The Project

The creation of the Now You're Talking website that allows individuals seeking support to access a range of trusted professionals and therapists in a trusted network built over 40 years. The platform connects those in need of support to experts in their field, through their preferred communication method, offering real time availability to book and pay for appointments.

The website is clean, clinical and allows individuals seeking support to access a range of trusted professionals through simple search functions, connecting them to experts in their required need, in a specific location and by a preferred communication method. Therapy types include relationship counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and counselling and psychotherapy in over 20 areas including anxiety, depression and addiction.

Through creating this user friendly website we utilised the charities extensive experience in connecting individuals to support by removing barriers. By allowing users to search for specific types of therapy and condition, users can view profiles of councillors and therapists, see an overview of their skills and experience and be reassured of the support and guidance they can receive.

The website provides an open and transparent overview of services before offering real time availability of appointment date and time and simple payment solution.

“Now You’re Talking counsellors and therapists provide help for people dealing with a broad spectrum of issues. 40 years of supporting people in complex situations has helped build a trusted and professional service with social value at its core. You can access therapy with Now You’re Talking in-person or online with a therapist that’s right for you.”

phone with app open
phone with app open

The outcome

The result of this brilliant new service will encourage more qualified and experienced counsellors and therapists from a variety of services to join. Building the platform for future scale will allow the services to grow, and offer much needed support to a wider audience across more locations.

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