Allowing School of Design students to exhibit their works

A digital end of year show

  • Graphic & Motion Design

  • UI & UX Design

  • Wordpress Development

As many had found over the last few years, physical public gatherings had become somewhat problematic. And this was the case for the University of Leeds School of Design and their end of year graduate show.

We were asked if we could help create a space for their end of year shows, where the faculty could introduce each year’s alumni and their work, and also provide a customisable ‘wall’ for each of the students to display their work.

The students would have control over what they could include, as they would in a physical show. But in contrast to a physical show, this work would then persist and be searchable by visitors into the future.


  • Full content control for each student, plus thematic options
  • Impactful parallax transitions.
  • Balancing the design aesthetic of the show identity with that of the individual student’s work


  • Strategy

  • Content Strategy

  • Prototyping

  • Research

  • Technical Architecture

  • UX Strategy

  • Design

  • Art Direction

  • Creative Direction

  • UI / UX Design

  • Visual Design

  • Technology

  • Back-end Development

  • WordPress Development

  • Custom API integrations

  • Hosting

  • Delivery

  • Student onboarding processes

  • Launch

  • Optimisation

  • Quality Assurance

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