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Manchester City

A bespoke website and booking system to support a Premier League powerhouse’s performance language schools

Manchester City’s meteoric rise up the sporting ladder in the past decade was something they were keen to reflect in their digital propositions too. We were asked as part of this project to scope, design and develop a completely bespoke platform & booking system specifically for their language schools.

Our solution was formed with WordPress at the core, with the bespoke commerce & booking systems interwoven into this framework. The platform allowed users to experience the full heritage brand of Manchester City, including what it's like to train and play for one of the biggest & best football clubs in the world as they undertake their residential courses in Manchester.

The booking system interface had to be easy to engage with and use, and so our developers built this bespoke with the core target audiences’ user journey in mind to ensure any barriers to usability were removed.

The platform itself was designed by our in-house team to engage both the target school attendees and their parents, and so we had to devise a solution that was appropriate and enticing for both audiences. The attendees of the schools come from all over the world, and so a multi-language platform was a vital aspect of the brief. The platform therefore accommodated 11 different languages upon completion.

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Manchester City is a prime example of where we can take existing solutions and apply our team’s years of expertise to create bespoke solutions to complex problems, with the end result being a multi-language platform that both the agency and football club were proud of.

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