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Getting a tax refund has never been easier with the RIFT Refunds app.

RIFT app screens


For the next phase of growing the RIFT Refund’s digital expansion when it comes to managing tax refunds for their users, they reached out to us to help them build an app that had a core emphasis on improving the overall customer experience and engagement with the brand. The app lets RIFT proactively communicate with users and keep them up to date on the status of their tax return process.

We initiated a full scoping and wireframing process with RIFT to fully understand and develop the customer experience flow and requirements for the app. Following extensive collaborative discussions and work from our in-house creative team, RIFT had the foundations for a brand focused yet highly intuitive companion app for their text refund service.

One of the core features of the app was the activation for current users to be able to refer a friend to use the app. This incentivised initiative promoted brand awareness and engagement, as well as driving increased downloads of the app and people using RIFT Refunds.

Another fundamental addition to the app was the ability to allow users to track their existing claim. Through the ease of a dedicated application and customised push notifications controlled by RIFT, users have the option of freely monitoring their account to keep up to date on RIFT’s management of their claim, or waiting for the update from RIFT themselves.

RIFT app screens
RIFT App phone screen

The RIFT Refunds app has become a fundamental part of the business’s growth and development, helping to further solidify key communications between the business and the claimants, as well as solidifying brand engagement and trust with its users.

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