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Introducing Larry the Llama, the latest addition to the Swizzels family

Swizzels Matlow have been making sweets since 1928, and are responsible for tasty treats such as Drumsticks, Fizzers, and Refreshers. The story of our work with Swizzels came as part of their Choos selection of sweets, and a scoping session on how to drive sales for this set of products.

Choos sweets cover a wide range of different flavours, from peaches & cream to strawberries & banana. We soon realised that there was a Choos for every occasion, and so building on this idea, we needed a face for the Choos campaign. This is where Larry the Llama was born.

A playful idea for our leading character snowballed into a fully fledged marketing campaign, with static and motion content generated for social media and the Swizzels website keeping users up to date on just what Larry was doing next. Each flavour represented a different emotion for Larry, and from this, the Choos slogan came to life - Choos your flavour, Choos your feeling.

Larry llama gif

Our design team had the time of their lives coming up with exciting ideas on how they could further the story of Larry and his Choos throughout the year. Festive & seasonal content was created to keep Choos relevant all-year long, through a series of animated videos with their own unique soundtrack and storyboarding. This was truly Larry’s world, and we love living in it!

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