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When met with the brief for HSS, we immediately landed at the conclusion that we needed a headless solution. Not only does headless allow for ultimate control over your front-end user interface from a content management perspective, but it also gives you the opportunity to maximise speed of load on different web pages. Speed and customer satisfaction is something that was at the forefront of HSS’s brief to us, and so this fit the scope of work perfectly.

Our end solution required a flexible codebase in order to accommodate the various functionalities and content types HSS use in their platform, and with also an app in mind as well. With this in mind, we decided to use React, which provided the framework needed to not only deliver the platform’s content, but also as a future facing codebase suitable for building out into an app.

Ensuring that the UX and UI of the platform was considered and refined was also a priority of HSS, and thanks to our experienced team of creatives, we initiated a fully collaborative design and auditing process of the site’s look and feel with multiple independent teams within the PLC. Following their legacy brand guidelines and implementing our own creative spin, our combined efforts help to reimagine and simplify the purchase and hire process for their customer base, leading to a marked increase in sales and overall site performance.

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Headless control over their platform has made content management for HSS easier than ever before, and the same goes for their users looking to hire equipment and tools.

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